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Arms dps rotation cata

Arms dps rotation cata


How to: 9 k! Dps as a fury warrior + test.

Thanks for watching guys! Macros and needed information below! FUS! Shout: #showtooltip Battle Shout /y FUS. /cast Battle Shout Bladestorm Macro

Cata Arms Warrior PVE/PVP Guide[Talent.
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Warrior Arms vs Fury 5.0.5 - TankSpot. - World of Warcraft Gear. Rotation Dresden Offers gear rankings by a DPS calculator for damage and tanking classes as well as news and a forum.
hehe spelled some things wrong and my dps turned out to be 9 k at that fight
World of Warcraft Cata Arms Warrior PVE/PVP Guide[Talent Builds Within]
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  • Hello everyone! I've been running some LFR recently as Arms and I gotta say it was a Arms has been the top DPS spec for Warriors for the last couple of raid tiers

    Arms dps rotation cata